Pastaio, Soho


I went here for Halloween last night with two of my oldest mates and was keen for a chilled-out pasta feast. The restaurant is located on Ganton Street between Carnaby and Kingly so expect a buzzing Soho atmosphere. They had made a stylish Halloween effort and stuffed spaghetti inside some carved pumpkins with mood lighting.  The kitchen was open plan with the chefs busily tossing bucatini filled pans to no end.  When the place first opened I remember seeing classic bowls of trofie on white plates with a broken ceramic pattern background.  These are Pastaio’s signature tables which are speckled pink and grey and they work well with the dark red banquet seating.  Service was excellent and the staff all appeared to be attentive.  We went the whole hog and ate 3 courses filled with butter clams, burrata and chilli, tagliatelle with wild mushrooms and slow cooked sausage malloredus.  For dessert I would recommend only one thing; straciatella gelato.  I’m reasonably fussy about ice cream and you could tell that this was good quality.  Everything felt fresh and I loved the simplicity of the plates coming out of the kitchen.  It’s good value so you don’t need to feel guilty about ordering a few desserts.  Sadly it’s another no-reservation system but if you go at around 6.30/7pm you should grab the first sitting.  

19 Ganton St, Soho, London W1F 9BN

Nina ParkerComment