Tina I Salut You


Anyone that follows me on Instagram will know that I go to Tina’s all the time.  I am always raving about their coffee and it really is that good!  I am fussy about my coffee and there is something extra special about theirs.  They do an excellent oat milk cappuccino (my usual order).  It’s strong but in a good way.  I also love the feel of the café with it’s unfussy interiors of white walls and school class room-esq wooden tables and chairs.  People often go here to work during the week and then its a no-laptops policy at the weekend.  I love how laid-back it is and you can often find people hanging solo and reading a book in the outside seating which catches the sun.  Aside from the coffee the food is pretty good and this simple smoked salmon and eggs was up there!  I go to the one in Canonbury but they also have a branch in E20.  Tina, I always bloody salut you!


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