FAST FOOD Series: Roast Veg with Tahini Pomegranate Sauce

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This is the next in the FAST FOOD series with the amazing @milliemackintosh. It is such a good one to adapt with the seasons and always make sure that you chop the veg thinly so that they cook reasonably quickly. It’s completely plant based but you could add in some chicken or a fried egg on top if preferred. See the Instagram video below.

Serves 2


100g asparagus, ends trimmed

350g carrots, peeled, topped and tailed, sliced into uneven sticks of about 1cm thick

1 medium aubergine, sliced into even wedges

1/2 broccoli, divided into equal florets 

100g cherry tomatoes, halved

Handful flat leaf parsley leaves

200g cooked chickpeas

6 tbsp olive oil 

few pinches of Aleppo chilli (optional)

3 tsp sumac

Sea salt and black pepper

For the dressing:

4 tbsp tahini paste

2 tbsp toasted sesame seed oil

8 tbsp lemon juice and the zest of a lemon

4 tbsp apple cider vinegar or white wine vinegar

3 tbsp pomegranate molasses

tiny bit of grated garlic (about 1/4 tsp)

sea salt and black pepper

Some cold water to loosen the tahini paste

Preheat oven to 190 degrees and line 2-3 baking trays with baking parchment.  Put the chopped carrots into a bowl and add 2 tbsp olive oil, a tsp sumac, salt and pepper.  Mix everything together and tip into the baking tray spreading them out evenly.  Then add the aubergine into the bowl and do the same followed by the broccoli and season with sumac and olive oil.  Make sure that each vegetable is laid out separately as they will have slightly different cooking times.  Then coat the asparagus and cherry tomatoes with olive oil, salt and pepper and add to the trays.  Put all the trays into the oven and leave for 10-12 minutes.  The asparagus should cooked by now so remove from the oven.  Then continue to roast everything for another 10 minutes and remove the broccoli if it is soft.  Then roast again for another 10 and the aubergine,  carrots and cherry tomatoes should be done.  Add all of the vegetables together into a bowl and add the parsley leaves, chickpeas and a few more pinches of sumac.  

In a bowl, add all of the ingredients together for the dressing and whisk together.  I add a little cold water to loosen the tahini if it is a little hard to mix.  Taste and check the seasoning is to taste.  Serve with the sauce in a little bowl on the side.

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