Speedy Broccoli Pasta


I sorta can’t big this one up enough.  If you love anchovies and broccoli then this is delicious.  It’s so easy with lots of cupboard staples which means that you can whip it up quickly on a weekday night.  I use brown rice pasta which I buy online as I sometimes find it harder to find in the health food shops.  I love it and it doesn’t have the heaviness of a normal wheat pasta although of course this would also work well with the recipe.  You can swap the jalapeños for olives or capers if you fancy.


Serves 2


300g broccoli, cut into small florets or use purple sprouting broccoli (save the stem and finely chop it up to go into the sauce)

6 anchovy fillet in olive oil

3-4 garlic cloves, diced

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

large handful of flat leaf parsley leaves

2 tbsp jalapeños, roughly chopped

190g brown rice pasta

sea salt and black pepper

Prepare a large saucepan of salted boiling water and add in the pasta followed by a steamer on top to fill with the broccoli putting a lid to cover.  The broccoli will take roughly 5 minutes to cook or you can just boil it separately if you don’t have a steamer.  If boiling the broccoli only cook for 3 minutes in boiling water and drain as it will cook a little more with the sauce.

While the pasta cooks begin with the sauce.  Set a large frying pan to a medium to high heat and add the olive oil.  After a minute add the chopped up broccoli stem, diced garlic and anchovy fillets and allow everything to fry together for 3-4 minutes.  When to pasta is cooked (al dente is best) use tongs to add everything to the pan followed by the broccoli and parsley leaves.  Toss everything together seasoning with salt and pepper.  Let it mix and cook for another minute before serving with the chopped jalapeños on top and a few last leaves of parsley!

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